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Binary Weaving Finished

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Finally finished!  I had set it aside when not-quite done and I just came back to sort it out.  The weave is truer to the original image with a little more space in the weft.  Here she is.4.4" x 8.5" Woven Computer Cable and Monofilament

This weaving is the first in a new series re-examining an earlier series, “Binary Drawings”. That work began by drawing from a classical painting that had some element of raw humanity. I then took the drawing and subjected it to a long line of filters and processes in Photoshop until it became a Binary piece. The binary drawings question the limits of binary data and whether our humanity comes through multiple human interpretations as well as within a binary world.
In this new piece I took a detail from one of those drawings and wove it in computer cable. I am playing on the fact that weaving is in fact a form of computing (also binary- the basis for the first punch-card computers were Jacquard loom cards). It contains the intersection between craft and art, modern technology and some of the earliest technology of civilization, as well as the male dominated computer industry and the “feminine” occupation of weaving.

Written by Mary Corey March

October 16, 2012 at 11:52 pm

Posted in art, digital, drawing, fiber, weaving

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  1. […] I will use the black and white squares to create an image, just like in the  previous (smaller!) Binary Drawing […]

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