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New Binary Weaving in the works

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I’ve been working on a new binary weaving (see previous post) on a different level- a 3 foot by 5 foot weaving with optical fiber which will be illuminated.  Today I got a mix for the warp (the white vertical bit) that has a high enough thread count (dense enough) and the right elements.  That’s the image to the right.  The squares are half an inch.

Mixed in with silk-wrapped paper and cotton threads are strands of optical fiber which I will connect to leds.  The weft (the black bit) is silk ribbon I’ve dyed and ironed.  I knocked out a little test loom to try different thread counts and fibers.  In particular I need to test different thicknesses of optical fiber that I’ve abraded to different degrees to see how well the light travels through it when it’s woven.  I’ll have to put in mono-filament between what is here on both warp and weft and weave it in differently to preserve the structure.  I haven’t started the light tests yet, but I think the paper-silk will pick up the fiber optic light up beautifully.

I also finally finished the final binary drawing I will work from all printed out to scale on my studio wall.  I lost count of how many versions I’ve gone through to get it right.  She is the most recognized art object in the world, but I’m showing only a portion of her.

I’m very happy with how this piece is going.  All the materials are working beautifully with my concept.

I don’t talk about the conceptual side of my work much here, some because I like people to approach the finished work fresh but mostly because I really don’t want to disclose it in-process.
So… now that I’ve figured out the thread count it’s time to do some math…

Ah wait… if anyone was wondering how this totally unrelated painting went, here she is:

She happened almost accidentally- the first completely-from-photo painting I’ve ever done (even if I did alter the photo and change some things in the image).

Written by Mary Corey March

October 19, 2012 at 10:19 am

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