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Write me for Art

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penI am an artist looking for human voices for a new artwork.  Please send me a few handwritten words answering one of these prompts:

 Something which moved you.


Something you are proud of or something you regret.


Something you have lost or found that is or was important to you.


A moment of revelation.


A moment of intense feeling.


something you want desperately to say but have been unable to tell someone…        or anyone.


It MUST be hand written.

It can be in any kind of pen or pencil.  It will be anonymous.  You don’t have to print neatly, let your natural writing and emotion come through.    If your first language is not English, you can write it in your native language.  The words don’t have to make sense to anyone but you.

Please keep it down to 12 words or less (yes it’s practically a Haiku, but work with me here)

Mail to:

Mary Corey March
SFAI Graduate Center
2565 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94107


to see my other work go to http:///

sample participatory piece:  Identity Tapestry (

This piece is in-progress and will show up on the site eventually.  It will involve both hand and machine embroidery.  If you want to see what becomes of your words, check in every now and then.  I will update about it here on the studio blog.

I may not use every person’s words but I will try.  I will use them with respect.  Thank you for participating in this piece.

Feel free to re-post this call


If you are seeing this anywhere but at  please go to the site and double-check that the project is still running if you are seeing this later than 12/1/2013.

Written by Mary Corey March

July 4, 2013 at 2:24 am

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    From the Studio

    September 21, 2013 at 10:33 am

  7. […] it will just be a matter of doing it.  The embroidery continues and I will continue collecting responses for “Write me for Art” until the the new […]

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