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First Responses

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responsesContinuing on the Write me for Art (working title) project…

I’ve completed two responses so far out of the hundreds I expect. I’ve already discovered how huge a range there is in how easy one type of handwriting is to embroider than another.  Curves take more stitches, and getting details correct is involving multiple tries at times.

These are from the responses my nurse friend got at the hospital in San Francisco.  There are a lot of sad ones in this batch, but they are really beautiful too.

It will be interesting to get more in the mail because besides the postmarks I will have no clue which groups of people (if there was a group) they were from.  I passed out a few to people around NYC who looked interesting to me in some way or who I talked with- on the street, in the bus, the subway, etc..  I passed some out to a few people in the line for the Rain Room piece at MoMA (partially on the basis that these people might be seriously dedicated to art, but also as a way of participating in an art project, since some of them might not make it in).  I incidentally heard about the piece when it was in London and planed my trip to the East Coast this summer around going when no one had heard of it.  Then it became a Thing and there was just no way.  I went in the short line to see it in action, but didn’t wait the 7 hours to interact (not with a 4 year old!).

One insight from watching that was that I never want to do that to people with my art.  So many of these things have limited access.  I want to make more work that everyone can experience and be part of.

Written by Mary Corey March

July 27, 2013 at 9:47 am

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