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Skirts mainly done

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I’ve finished the overskirts and the bustle as it stands (shown to left combined with quick sketch of posture).  I think I’ll need to add more volume to the bustle/petticoat from the knee down because I needed to arrange the skirts carefully for them not to collapse there.  A little added fullness will give the silhouette I want (especially considering that the mannequin will have no legs to help add volume).

The Hellenic statue look I wanted is coming through exactly as I hoped in the draping.  The high button collar and posture should bring the tight rein of the Edwardian era in.  Quick photoshop combinations like this help me better visualize options for the finished work.  Right now I’m thinking the posture is working- one arm down and close to waist (proper Victorian and Edwardian women did not hold their hands below the waist- one must not acknowledge such an area exists), and the other arm reaching up to hold the mask.

I can already tell the hands are going to be no picnic (though they will be gloved- the posture is essential).  We’ll see about the arms.

This week I’ll be working on the images for the projection inside.  I want dreamlike images of passion of all kinds (yes sex, but also dance, music making, violence… just intense emotional, physical things).  Going to do all hot, saturated colors.

I’ll need to keep the distortion down until I see how much the projection through the glass distorts the image.

Written by Mary Corey March

April 11, 2010 at 7:21 am

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