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Flower installations multiply art?

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Bouquets to Art DeYoung 2009

Bouquets to Art at the DeYoung Museum did a wonderful thing to the museum space.  Each floral arrangement had the potential to rewrite the space and reinterpret the artwork.

Some arrangements  focused on mimicking representational elements of the artwork (floral pieces in the forms of dresses, or flowers arranged inside a bicycle for example).  Others took a tiny detail in the piece and called attention to it by expanding it far out of proportion (and in some cases adding color).

Many fit themselves into the pieces- capturing the color, style and movement in a piece.  Some brilliantly matched textures, and a very few were sculptures in their own right.  One or two floral pieces managed to work off of the entire room of art they were in so that they could be placed in the center and interact with the other pieces from every angle.

It was amazing.

And it put a new context on installation for me.  The floral show was in effect a collaborative installation piece which transformed not only the museum space but the art within it.  It was able to highlight, magnify, re-contextualize, frame, and comment on individual pieces and elements within them.

There is also something appealing about working with a material that is alive and yet already dying.  Transient, and yet so rich and vibrant and full of color.  I would not be surprised if living materials come into an installation piece of my own in time… as long as I don’t get seduced by the process and run off to be a florist.

The aspect of having an installation that so fully interacts with the museum around it is attractive as well.  …it invites a kind of camouflage piece.  That could be a series.  “Camouflaged Intruders”.  It follows the line of thinking I’ve had for some performance pieces I’ve had in mind for a while now.

Thoughts for later… for now, I have other work in process.  I will however go to see this year’s show when it returns next month.

Written by Mary Corey March

March 30, 2010 at 12:58 am

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