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Winter Play

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IMG_4049It’s too easy to forget while immersed in the incredibly serious and surprisingly rigid world of educated art practice and commentary how important it is to PLAY.

During the holiday I made a snow woman (the little one is my daughter’s snow-child and the space alien thing is my husband’s).  The simple act of making something purely for the fun of it brought back all kinds of creative ecstasy that I’ve been missing in the studio.  I had an hour and a half of freezing fingers and smiles until the snow got too soft and wet and I had to leave it alone and let the detail go.  That feeling of having to be almost physically torn away from one’s work… it’s been missing.

Making something for the joy of making, even knowing it will melt tomorrow- this feeling must not be forgotten.

Mind you- I love intellectual exercise too.  I love delving into concepts and history and experimenting with ideas and thinking about how to get the participant/viewer to reach certain points… but it’s not the same as simply playing and finding out what will happen.

Play is important.







Written by Mary Corey March

January 8, 2014 at 11:48 pm

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