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My studio is Haunted

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I’ve been avoiding my studio.  I only realized it today.  I had plenty of excuse to work at home and wherever I was, so I did.  Now I know that it’s haunting me.

It’s full of work which is not alive to me in this moment.  I need to get the finished pieces out of my field of view for now.  I need to put some of the unfinished work that isn’t in my immediate path aside while I work out new ideas before it tugs me off course.  I still intend to finish those pieces, but with one year left to my program I want my focus to be entirely on new ideas rather than wrapping up the execution of old ones.

“Execution”.  No accident to the double meaning there.  To finish a piece that is already in your mind, where there are no more surprises… to me that is the execution.  It finishes the piece, but it is also robbed of life that way.  Where is the space between creation and execution?

I need the process to stay alive throughout the arc of a piece.

In the case of the studio I need to move all this to some other storage space so that I see possibility instead.  Blank walls and space for the new ideas to take shape.  Laying here in the middle of it, the walls feel heavy to me.  They pull on my mind when it wants to be light and nimble. The new art I’m making in my mind is so different from what is on my walls (more traditional work- the participatory installations are all ephemeral, aquired and elsewhere or in storage).  The work that is the least where I’m at right now is most in my space.  That is why I have been staying away- I felt it’s influence on me and rejected it without thinking it out.  I cannot start making tht new art in this space while the other art is in here.

Even just staring at blank walls helps me create.  When they are blank white even the scale disappears.  I can draw on them with my mind and go through a thousand sketches before I even lift a pencil.

…now where can I get a truck and some storage space I trust?

Written by Mary Corey March

September 20, 2013 at 3:57 am

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