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Iteration #8- skeins

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IMG_2995This is what the first stage of dyeing for the participatory installation Identity Tapestry looks like.  Yesterday I spent the entire day taking store-bought skeins of yarn (like the ones on the bottom) and winding them into new skeins of the correct length (varied, but related to the size of the piece).  So if the one I bought was 150 yards, it might become 7-10 little skeins.

I did 144 yesterday.  I have 100-160ish to go.  I have to space out these things by a day or two so that RSI (Repeated Stress Injury) doesn’t take my hands and shoulders.  Yarn geeks- yes I use a Swift- 2 if I can, but still…

Today:  Sculpting the basket-form.

Because I’m dying over many existing colors the result is a great variety and depth of colors in the yarn.  Since I want each skein to be recognizably different, this helps (as do the different thickness and textures of the yarn).

I usually dye in two waves so that I can look at the complete spectrum and fill in the holes in the second round.

This Iteration of Identity Tapestry will be a permanent installation at Southern Vermont College, opening for participation on September 15th.


Written by marycoreymarch

August 16, 2013 at 12:07 am

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