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This fantastic photo was taken of us by Brandon Stanton of HONY last week in Central Park.  Incredible shot.  My little family is amazing and I’m incredibly fortunate.  Also in case you were wondering I love fun clothes (especially in NYC), the rabbit ears belong to and were placed by my daughter (and worn in style by my man) and the doll is Cecile “the most beautiful doll in the whole store” in my daughter’s eyes.

This is a HONY image of me and my husband and daughter taken by Brandon Stanton.

Today’s discovery was the reason why a hawk in Central Park silently swooped right over my head (by inches) while I was pushing my daughter on a swing and landed in a tree opposite.  The hat.  It’s the one I was wearing in that picture and I had been wearing it the day before but forgotten.  Small, bird-shaped and feathery.  It must have looked like I had Lunch perched on my head, but he realized at the last minute and didn’t grab it.  Take note, those of you with pet birds.

And now back to the studio…


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August 2, 2013 at 9:10 am

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