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Next Iteration

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As of yesterday it’s official.  I will be doing the next iteration of Identity Tapestry at Southern Vermont College beginning on Sept 15th. I’m especially excited because this will be the first iteration commissioned as a permanent installation!  I’m very excited to see what this community is all about and how it maps onto the piece.

It was so clear in the last two iterations how much the tapestry becomes a portrait of a specific community.  Statements that with one group of people would be chosen by many people (such as “I have never left this country”) can be completely blank in a particular group (in the case of Wisdom 2.0 that one was).  Things that are moderate in one group are absolutely mobbed in another.  You could definitely see wider cultural differences between LA galleries, SF galleries and the Brooklyn gallery, but at Pepperdine and the Wisdom 2.0 conference the specific community emerged.  That’s what I expect to see here- a portrait of Southern Vermont College.

I’m excited!

Written by marycoreymarch

July 20, 2013 at 10:52 pm

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