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Access- methods in progress…

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Wonderfully excited.  A little break was all I needed, and then I reached for the idea tap and it’s pouring.  I just had a very productive conversation with my husband over lunch where I suddenly fleshed out the material and action for the new Access piece.  I have been wondering what my final MFA project would be and I’m pretty sure this is it.

This  is the first new piece that I think does many of the same exciting things which Identity Tapestry does while being very much it’s own piece.  There are technical hurdles and budgeting to sort (all the actual art arrangement and content aside), but it’s totally in reach.

Sometimes just working out my ideas aloud to another person is all I need.  Feedback at this stage is very tricky and so I’m careful who I talk to and where I let the conversation go.

In the case of my husband I always know that I can get the most cutting edge tech.  He can tell me what is currently possible, and easily visualize and potentially execute what might be a step beyond that.  The idea I’m working with is well within current tech, but methods and options are a question and he can generally answer things off the top of his head a a few moments of looking up details.  I hope to drag in another friend with certain specialized tech skills… we will see.

My husband is also awesome in that he understands how I think well enough that I don’t need to do much filling-in for him to get what I’m after.  In early stages I don’t like to fill in detail.  I draw my initial sketches very loosely to let the process inform the piece.  What happens in explaining skeletal ideas to other people though is that they look at me like I’m insane.  Those are almost always the best pieces.  When they are done, they make sense when experienced and I can better explain them.

There is a danger though in explaining something too much early on- the process needs to be part of it.  Part of the steam for the process is a little bit of ambiguity.  If you are just executing something that won’t surprise you then you feel like a manufacturer.

So… I will get to work out and test the details of the physical component of the piece.  There is a lot to do.

More feedback about ideas and experience of access or lack of it from you are extremely appreciated!  Please comment in the previous post or email me!


The exciting things

Written by Mary Corey March

June 23, 2013 at 1:39 am

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