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Setting out for the Arctic Circle

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IMG_4750I am so pleased with how the prints came out!  I have been dying to try the fancy fabric printer at SFAI since I first saw it on the tour.  So exciting.  For this new project I’ve printed on Belgian linen and organza (both pre-treated for printing).   It nearly looked like the fabric wouldn’t arrive in time to print, but though it came down to the wire it all worked out.  Amazingly the tests I did weren’t even needed- it came out exactly as I hoped it would!  There’s a first time for everything- even printing on machines.

I took 5 minutes the other day and made myself a rough little fabric embroidery floss roll that fits in my pack and I’m ready to go!

I love working while in motion, especially detailed things like this.  So yes, there will be embroidery, layers of printed fabric… and I’m thinking about other elements too… like sound.  The piece will be an installation of many smaller parts gathered around the primary map.  One thing I’m enjoying – I don’t know what will happen to the piece on the journey.  It will be a surprise, coming out of the travel.  We’ll see.  Pleased and ready to go to the Arctic Circle!


Written by Mary Corey March

March 14, 2013 at 10:48 am

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