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weaving stripped

Here she is as she should be.  I went through and stripped the wires at the ends.  It’s a little surprise for people who don’t realize at first that she’s made of computer cable.
I really like her hanging like this.  Originally I had her confined to a laser-cut acrylic frame-thing, but this is better.  In the right light the shadows will be great.  I’m also happy with the ragged edges- more organic vs/ digital play there.

If you haven’t seen this before, she’s the first of a new series taken from a previous series of “Binary Drawings”.  I sketched old master’s paintings in tiny 2-inch spaces, roughly, scanned them into the computer and worked them through a rather long process until I got a binary image that I was pleased with.  I was exploring how humanity still comes through layers of interpretation.  This new series takes a selection from those portraits (and new ones) and is woven.  As a fiber artist it made so much sense to me to translate them into weaving, but the surprising thing for non-weavers is that the loom was the first binary computer.  The old punch cards of old computers are based on the punch cards that created patterns on Jacquard looms.  In this case I’m extending the exploration of translating humanity into the digital world as it is now- bite-sized selections of subject matter.  I also love the art/craft/tech juxtaposition- methods of communication and expression, utility and beyond utility.  There is also the play against what is “woman’s work/art” versus a “man’s work/art”.


In completely other news I am doing what I’ve wanted to do for years and going to see the northern lights.  I’m headed for the Arctic Circle, first Norway and then Sweden this Thursday.

At first I had planned on continuing this series while on the road (plane, train, bus…), but the wire wasn’t going to ship in time.  In the midst of travel preparations I came across a new idea coming out of two or three long term back-burner ideas.  It will come out of the journey and is something I can pack easily into a small bag.

The tech part of it I’m scrambling on though- it involves printing on Belgian linen and possibly organza, which I ordered immediately.  Thankfully the manufacture is very nearby and very helpful.  I should be able to print it in the SFAI lab on Tuesday morning and have Wednesday to adjust things as needed.  I LOVE the printing lab at SFAI!  I can’t wait to print on this fabric!  I will be stitching through it…  more I won’t say… the piece is very lightly in my brain and nailing it down now will kill it.  I’m so glad I have real art to work on during the trip!

Written by Mary Corey March

March 11, 2013 at 10:27 am

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  1. Beautiful!


    March 23, 2013 at 12:00 am

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