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Identity Tapestry at Wisdom 2.0

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fortunate2It was really interesting to see another very specific group of people people doing this piece.  The Wisdom 2.0  conference has a very clear culture which Identity Tapestry rendered into a collective portrait.

There were patterns I had never seen before happening.  Some things I expected (that the “learning was never important to me” statement would remain blank for example).  Other things were unusual and I wouldn’t have thought of.  The statement “I have never left this country” was the only other blank.  “I enjoy my own company” was mobbed, where in all other cases it has been nearly empty.  Some other popular ones were “I like to lead” “I like to follow a good leader”, “I make time to play”, “I love to travel” and “I am spiritual”.  People in this setting also did a lot more reading ahead and watching others before they began to do it for themselves.

It went well and had all the effects I have come to expect- joy, tears, people loving it, people thinking about their connection to others, evaluating their own lives and relationships, discovering new things about their friends and lovers… it was all there.  Some lovely moments happened too- a newly engaged couple learning new things about each other, for example.

The new thing for me was the number of people who did it who  were connected to nonprofits or large corporations.  ….so now I have new things to consider.  To what extent do I reproduce the piece, and how and for whom?  I have more people asking for it than I can handle unless this single piece was all I did full time.  Where is the line between Art and business?  How much can it be reproduced before it loses it’s effect, or would it?  What about my other artwork?  What about digital versions?  Other versions?  There is a running joke that you aren’t a real contemporary artist until you have a team of assistants helping you make your work. There are a lot of questions I need to carefully consider.   I need to decide how I feel about all of it.

I will be posting more images to my website when things settle down a little.  It occurs to me that there is so much new work that’s in progress that isn’t there on the website yet.  I work out concepts and processes slowly, over months, and then work the physical part like a maniac when I have everything right.  The interactive works need a lot of testing and re-testing on friends and strangers before I’m ready to create the real version.  I am currently working through two new interactive pieces, two binary drawing/weavings and one painting. groupThe paintings and weaving you’ve seen bits of here, but the interactive work will stay closeted until it’s ready to interact.

On a side note there are two finished Identity Tapestries languishing in storage.  I can’t wait until they all have good homes where people are able to see them daily.

Written by Mary Corey March

February 24, 2013 at 10:35 am

One Response

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  1. I loved the participatory aspect of this installation. I hate the “do not touch” reality of most fine arts museums, so it felt literally liberating to not only touch but help create this piece of truly fine art. Thanks! – Rev. Jeremy Nickel

    Jeremy Nickel

    February 25, 2013 at 3:51 am

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