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from "The Bridge"- first Installation piece.  In this case a performance piece.

from “The Bridge”- first Installation piece. In this case a performance piece.

I’ve gone dark lately because I’ve been scrambling to finish the NEXT iteration of Identity Tapestry.  I didn’t expect another so soon.  I need to start saying no.  I’m building a larger one (around 18′) for the Wisdom 2.0 summit (How can we live with greater presence, meaning, and mindfulness in the technology age?).  It’s relevant to me and the piece really fits- connections between people, mindfulness/meditative experience, human contact, data visualization of human connections… there’s a lot of commonality there.

So… I’m smack in the middle of doing this new one (100 colors of yarn dyed, 80 some posts made, statement selection, etc.).

In the meantime I’m taking some very interesting classes that are giving me new perspective on my process and the concepts I’m working with.

Thoughts (notes to self):

I am fascinated by our relationship to data. What we choose to collect, what we ignore, what data says about us, what it fails to say.  How hard it is to visualize data of complicated systems or human beings (which are in a way complicated systems).  How much the question and framing of the question and the questioner affects the answer (something I’ve been aware of since childhood with my anthropologist and sociologist parents).

I am starting to wonder if my work process really is a hidden endurance performance art.  I did one piece in undergrad that exposed the process of creating an installation the was all about that.  Now the visible part is the participants creating the work- which becomes a kind of performance, but the hours that I spend making the component parts… it’s almost an endurance piece in itself.


On another note, my grandfather died on Friday.  An extremely full life, with so much positive effect on the world, well lived.  New York Times article/obituary, Boston Globe Obituary.  The NYT article leaves out one of the MA degrees and his medical degree, both leave out his knighthood.  Neither attempts to categorize his awards.  For me, his mad pace of walking, his skiing on his 93rd birthday, and his love of his lilies and vegetable garden are what I think of when I remember him.

This and many other things have made the past few weeks a bit of a roller coaster, but the preciousness of life and love and one’s work… they are brought right into the foreground.


Written by marycoreymarch

February 14, 2013 at 1:56 am

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