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IMG_4088No.  My interactive work always comes out of community.  Last night four of my friends helped me to attach the skeins of yarn I’d dyed to rocks and wind them into balls for Identity Tapestry (see previous posts).

What you see to the left is roughly four hours of work done by five wonderful women.  We sat and talked and drank tea and wine and wound, and tied and glued and wound.  I still have many more skeins left to go, but it’s all in sight now.  Yes, I did the first two iterations of Identity Tapestry alone (and pregnant!), but it’s not really a project that is made for that.  I think I prefer this to a hired team or doing it alone.  My friends are wonderful people.

For a rarer dash of the personal, even this small cross-section shows you what interesting people I have around me.  They were respectively a Google engineer/manager who builds interactive experiences and used to do Science museum exhibits and does glass work and now welding as hobbies (and is a mean Swing Dancer), a vision scientist (which includes a share of neuroscience) who also designs knitting patters and is a professional and competitive dancer (including Cancan), a nurse who does nursing missions all over the world and has been my companion at Burning Man, and a lady who is a social cat-herder people-helper and coordinator.

A handful of my art school friends are more community and compassion oriented.  We intend to consciously inject more of that into our art-world interactions as much as we can.  It needs it.

Written by Mary Corey March

January 15, 2013 at 12:05 am

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