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Pieta, odd projects and talking to strangers.

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She’s coming along.  The glaring thing at the moment is the sparse hair- it’s coming.  The figure in her arms effectively doesn’t have hair yet and hers has only just begun.  I need to leave space for the light to come through and I need to finish her shirt and face before any hair goes on top of it.  She’s almost done- Ia little adjusting the smile, softening the face a bit… we’ll see.

…and no, he will not be green when I’m done.  Sickly perhaps, but not actually blue or green.  I went back into the building and windows, deepened the drapery, etc.  From here in I’ll be working on getting the transition from detailed around the triangle of her arms and face to gestural farther out and adding in more trash, graffiti and wires.  I’m getting pretty happy with this piece. (if you are new here, the concept for this piece is discussed earlier).

Running parallel to this are other experiments and ideas.  I’ve built a sort of cross between a very deep panel and stretchers out of poplar.  Instead of using the panel side of the panel for the next painting I’ve beveled the edges of what is usually the back the way you would for stretcher bars.  I then did a layer of black inside and today I stretched canvas over the opening.  Tomorrow I’ll start painting that one.

When I am done it will be both a painting and reactive light sculpture.  You’ll see.   I expect an awkward stage or two in the process (I’m almost positive I’ll have to take off and re-stretch the canvas at some point).

Also in the works is a tech/art/light tapestry weaving at 3′ 5′ scale.  I just ordered parts to experiment with now that I’ve narrowed things down.  Research, now testing.  The concept, and visuals are all set- it’s just making it.

And finally, I’m still thinking through the design of my next interactive installation.  Now I have enough of it figured out that I’m at the talking-to-strangers stage.  I need to go ride the bus or accost people in cafes and ask them questions.  It’s what worked so well for Identity Tapestry and it needs to be done again.  I can accost other artist any time of the day now.  Definitely helpful, but I don’t want to lose the outside perspective.  Creating at that navel-gazes totally within the art community doesn’t interest me.  That means talking to strangers.


**later note. In looking at this onscreen I noticed that the left-side shoulder has crept up, making her look more tense than serene.  Also the hair getting more filled out on top will balance her out a bit.  I sketched the changes in on photoshop to see and it looks much better.  Sometime the computer is a great tool for getting a different perspective on paintings.


Written by Mary Corey March

September 28, 2012 at 9:22 am

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