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Color holes

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This is my yarn so far for the upcoming installation of Identity Tapestry at the TEXT: Message show in LA next month.  I lay it out this way to tell me what holes I have in the color spectrum and to see how everything looks together.

I consciously bias a little towards the blues and greens because we perceive more variation in those shades (especially greens) and they are also most often cited as people’s favorite colors (especially blues).

The unconscious bias this particular run is clear now that I’ve laid it out:  Purples- from blue-purples to rich burgundys they just aren’t represented enough.   I attribute this to the fact that purple is currently my favorite color.  In trying not to overdo purple because I love it so much I under-did it.

Well, that’s why I lay them out like this.

Just seeing this picture makes me want to rearrange a few of the balls- but then I would be at it all night.  This is enough to show me what I need.  Pretty as it is it isn’t the actual installation.

As you see not all of them are wound yet.  Thanks to the help of some very good friends last night nearly all these were done at once without anyone having to suffer from RSI.  I have done three iterations winding every single one myself and I’m happy not to repeat it.

One more day of dyeing should finish this easily.

The other thing this laying-out process does for me besides looking pretty and letting me gloat over all the gorgeous colors (most of which don’t show to justice onscreen because they are richly layered) is that it gives me a better sense of the volume.  I began sculpting the nest/basket/womb to hold them and realized almost right away that the scale is off.  Time to re-work that as well.

Tomorrow begins at Techshop running more tests on the laser cutter/engraver to see if there is a better, tighter, smoother way to make the statement plaques.  Then I get to go back to dyeing.  One month to go before the show as so far there is time for accidents to happen without damage.

Written by Mary Corey March

July 17, 2012 at 10:07 am

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