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Dyed for Identity Tapestry

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Dyed for Identity Tapestry at the upcoming Text: Message show in LA.

This is most of what I dyed today, minus more reds and the ones out of frame.  A very long day.  I usually do this amount in several sessions over a couple weeks.  Sadly my back is now painful while standing as well as sitting so these things are getting harder.  Marathons like this get more tricky.  So… around 130ish?  I left out a skein of each yarn before dyeing because I can use those colors too.

I love the depth of the over-dyed colors!

Right now I have these, the original skein colors (around 20) and then a selection of colors that I left out of the previous two iterations.  I do a last minute color-balance while installing by leaving out some colors at the end.  The ones from the BWAC installation are extra long, and the OCCCA show ones on the shorter side.  It looks like it will balance out and add to the spectrum.  I see a few I will reject, but mostly they work and I dyed the ones you see to compliment them.

I think I will only need one more small round of lighter and brighter colors- maybe 40?  We’ll see.

I intend to gather a few friends who are yarn-savy to help me attach and wrap these to the stones.  I’ve done the whole thing myself thrice and it’s a task best done in company.

So much still to do!


Written by marycoreymarch

June 27, 2012 at 11:03 am

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