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At least the painting part is

I’m thinking I may want to consider re-stitching the center.  I may want a little more visual impact at a distance, a little more obvious red.  We’ll see.  I usually like to let a new piece sit when I think it might be done.  Sometimes it asks for more when I next look at it, sometimes it doesn’t.  You need to distinguish the voice that tells you to overwork and pick at a piece from the one that genuinely asks for something more.

If you overwork a piece you tend to kill it.  You can of course push through even that and re-create after the destruction, but that usually creates another piece entirely.   When you feel that tendency, it’s time to take a walk out of the studio and possibly face the painting to the wall until you have fresh eyes.  Sometimes it’s just best to go home.I always try to have at least two pieces in progress in the studio so that if I’m stuck on one for whatever reason I can work on the other.  Otherwise I might avoid the studio altogether and that would be a mistake.

There is also that urge to poke at work when you ship it to a show or collector.  I don’t let myself really look at work when I’m preparing to send it.  It makes it harder to let go of and it makes me want to rework it.

It’s funny- you get these relationships with pieces.  You adore them and want to see them every day, you resent them at times, argue with them, revel in them, worry for their safety when they are sent away… sometimes they are like a child, sometimes a lover, sometimes a comfortable old friend and sometimes someone you love but don’t like very much at the moment.  It’s all there.

All of that said, I have a feeling this one needs the red stitching to be 3 times as thick.

Written by Mary Corey March

June 15, 2012 at 7:39 am

Posted in art, painting, skin

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