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“_____’s Story” …so close!

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Getting closer.   It’s funny,  I have about fourteen different colors that I mixed to perfectly match different parts of her skin (cheek, lips, inside wrist, back of hand, veins, shoulders, neck, forehead…).   But they are only hints for me about the colors in the painting because she is somewhere in the middle of these two sides.  I tried to do the sides as she described her parents with reference to the particular tones in her skin, using the vast collection of skin-color samples I’ve collected for another painting.

I wanted it to feel strained and a little imbalanced, but it needs a little subtle re-working to not just feel off and make you want to just remove two inches of the right side.  I think a little shift in the bottom left curve of the surface layer will do it.

There is stitching to do once it’s dry, redoing the center stitches in red and finishing the bottom.  I’m looking forward to seeing the red cut through the front layer and unite it with the back.  Still, you can now see the proper texture of the surface- looking more like leather or skin than canvas.  I’m happy with the subtle layering of color.  It will take a proper professional photo to get true colors for this piece though.  The slightest change in light or glare and it just doesn’t look the same.  These are studio snap-shots taken with my phone.  You can see how different the colors get with the same camera in the same light (different automatic adjusting presumably) just looking at these two pictures.

More on this painting here.


Written by marycoreymarch

June 2, 2012 at 4:35 am

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