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“______’s Story” nearly done

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The second painting in this series is coming along.  I was nearly done with stretching the top layer when my needle broke (the light lacing on the bottom is half done).  Still… enough to paint on.

I had to remind myself not to space the holes evenly so I would get a little bulge and tension.  I didn’t want the two sides to look comfortably knit or healed.  It’s working.

I even got the under-painting done today.  In the case of the pale-skinned side it’s several shades paler and more blue-toned than it will be when finished (though it looks almost white in this photo!).  This is so that I can build darker shades on top a little more translucently for the light to go through and bounce off the lighter ones in back.  Darker skin is a little more opaque, so less to worry about there, though looking at it now I think I need more blue and a shade paler in the under-layer on that side as well.

The connecting thread is a placeholder because as you see it will get paint on it. The final thread there will be deep red and will go on when the painting is done and dry.

Nearly done!  The next piece in this series is sketched out and I’m working through how to do certain parts technically- that one is going to be more sculptural.

For those of you just tuning in, this painting comes from a story a particular friend told me about growing up bi-racial and going to visit her white grandma in the south in the summer.  It’s not a general commentary, but a portrait of a person I know in a particular time and place.

Written by marycoreymarch

May 18, 2012 at 8:40 am

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