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Digital Girl and musings on calls and deadlines.

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Binary Girl

a weaving from the Binary Drawing series done in computer wires.

The weave is finished.

Sadly the original laser-cut frame/loom won’t work.  The change in weaving methods changed the measurements so I’ll have to build a new one.  I want something to speak to the weaving process and at the same time be almost invisible, so making my own rather than using a conventional frame is important.

It’s funny, I’d been thinking about making this series into weaving but there was never any pressure or place or moment that put it to the top of my list enough for me to really work out a weaving piece.  As is often the case it was an art call that prompted it.

In this case the call deadline was too close for me to finish it, but it got me to think about it again, refine the idea, pick the right materials, etc. Now that I have that worked out I will be able to continue this series much more easily than this first piece.

Another recent call has prompted a new direction for the binary drawing/weavings- larger and incorporating light… but more on that later.

Inspiration has never been a problem for me.

My difficulty has always been choosing one (or two) paths at a time out of many and finishing things.  Calls give me a slight prod to a specific direction out of many I have on the table, and deadlines make me finish things within a time-frame.  Believe it or not I like deadlines.  I can create my own mental deadlines, but they don’t have the same force, especially when another piece has an actual deadline. The best is knowing that my work will definitely exist at a certain time and space and be seen.  It gives me a reason to create it for that moment rather than existing in the back-burner of my mind (which is quite crowded!).

Written by marycoreymarch

May 16, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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