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Binary Woman and art hazards

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She’s close- at least the weaving part is.  I think I may have to create an entire new loom/frame to balance things.  We’ll see.  The second pass with monofilament tightens everything up beautifully but it threw my thread-count measurements. I’m pleased with the weave, and working through the treatment for the edges and frame.  I lost a couple of the hard-drive cables (white) so unfortunately I can’t weave the wire any farther until new ones arrive in the mail.  Almost there…

And in random studio stories I managed to do a bizarre injury with that darning needle there yesterday.  I got up from my seat quickly with the piece in hand and the thread with the needle dangling as I walked away, winding it.  Somehow I managed to step on the blunt end of the needle and drove it nearly all the way into my foot.  There was less than a quarter inch sticking out with the filament, leaving an inch and a quarter in my foot.  Oddly it’s only a little sore today.  I’ve had worse from using a stapler gun too long (which is why I customized my stapler grip with molded plastic fit to my hand).

I wonder how many of my pieces have some trace of my blood in them?  A fair few.  Believe it or not I’m not alone in this, but it does take talent to do a bizarre injury like that!

Still… pleased with how she’s coming along. I like how the weaving process lends an organic quality to the bitmap.  I love playing with that boundary between organic and mechanical.

Written by Mary Corey March

May 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

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