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Quick NYC visit and coming home to MFA program.

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Bocconi Sculpture with Bocconi Painting, NYC MOMA

taken by me in 2009 when the pieces were together in the back room with the light from the window coming in and reflecting off the statue. Today they are in a different room together, but spaced just far enough apart that you can't see them truly together.

This trip to NYC was part of a visiting tour with my daughter, our two-day NYC stop of which was especially to see a friend in radiation treatment.  This meant it that seeing art was perhaps third priority this time rather than full immersion and so I missed seeing the Whitney and other museums and galleries I would have liked to visit.  Amazingly my daughter asked to visit a museum just as we were passing MOMA and we got to see the Cindy Sherman show and revisit the Painting and Sculpture collections.   Seeing Cindy Sherman’s work on that scale was an entirely different experience of the work.  It’s much more confrontational and powerful in person.  I’ll be curious to see how the setting and (I think?) different curator will change things when the show comes to SF MOMA.

As to the collection galleries I have favorites pieces I always visit, though I was sorry to see that one sculpture in particular is still moved away from a painting that compliments it.  The image to the left is from 2009 when these two Umberto Bocconi pieces were together.

I’ve been taking a supplemental art history class offered online by MOMA on art from 1945-2000 so I went in to those galleries with new thoughts and appreciated certain things more, especially since they are using pieces in the MOMA collection as examples.  Certain things are still not my favorites, but I have more appreciation for the context now.

This NYC trip was a very different visit from the previous one, which was an intense run of both working on and discussing work.  New York has such an intensity about it.  You just want to move at top speed and intensely engage in one’s work.  I am hoping I’ll get another chance soon to come back on my own for my work.  I love visiting New York, but I prefer San Francisco as a place to actually live.

I got home late Friday and Saturday was my introduction to SFAI’s MFA program, which included seeing the MFA Open Studios.  I’m getting excited.  The space is great, and much larger than my current space.  Enclosed, but not claustrophobia-inducing.  I saw a lot of quality work and few artists I really liked, including two  artists who I both liked the work of and liked very much as a people.   I can’t wait to get started in the program and dive into full-time artwork and dialogue.  I’ve been isolated in my work and brief spells of information and dialog like my last trip to NYC were very beneficial to my practice.  I look forward to getting that on a daily basis.  SFAI looks like it will provide that at the level I need.  So… the last week of August I begin…


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April 15, 2012 at 9:23 pm

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