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This piece came from a quick rough sketch of an old master painting (1700s) of a young woman.  I then ran it through several steps of Photoshop and broke it down into a binary format.  I have a series of these Binary Drawings, but I noticed at some point that the detail images were often more compelling that the whole image. What was most important to me was that some intense humanity came through all those layers of process and interpretation and was still palpable at the end of it.

It later occurred to me that they absolutely needed to be woven, since part of my attraction to weaving is the fact that looms were arguably the first computers (Jaquard looms were the basis for early computer punch-cards).  In theory you can weave a program.  I may try that later too.

Once I made that connection, the logical material of choice was computer wire.

Man is it hard to find black and white computer wire of the same thickness!  These are slightly different, but they work together.  I had to split the wires.  If I think I will like the look and have the budget for it I may try this in a larger weave at some point.

computer wire weaveRight now I’m doing all the estimations that go into a weaving (threads per cm., etc.) and working out the logistics for a loom/frame.

The frame will be transparent.  It shouldn’t be part of the black/white binary aspect.  I’m going to use some thick acrylic and laser-cut it at Techshop into the right loom-frame.  I can give myself indentations to work with to space the wires properly.  I just worked out how I will attach each warp wire.  High quality black electrical tape wrapping each end together in a neat overlap should do it.  the white ends are more problematic.  The weft is normally one piece going back and forth, creating a finished edge.  In this case one piece goes in for each row due to the stiffness and flatness.  So… open edges.  I think I like the look of that and a little discrete glue should secure them.

Right now I’m trying to decide if I sandwich the loom/frame with more clear frames front and back.  When I see the finished loom I’ll be able to tell.

Of course now I’m itching to get to the laser cutter, but sadly all 4 are booked solid until next Monday.  In the meantime I can create a file to print/cut the acrylic frame from and work on other projects.


Written by marycoreymarch

March 28, 2012 at 2:29 am

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