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shirt and jeans (Pieta progress)

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Today I did the shirt and jeans and touched up some of the skin under-painting.  had neglected the toes on the top foot completely, the arm needed thinning (and may need more).  A few other touches here and there. The jeans will get some more work in a drier layer.   I’ve decided that I want to keep the figure in grey/rust/blues (including the blanket, which has all three colors in the photo).

I’m liking the transition from rough to medium to smooth detail I’ve started.  I want things to get more classical and glowy as they approach the mother’s face.  The jeans are a good in-between, the shirt is smooth, but not glowy.  Her shirt and face will have more glow as well as smoothness and realism.  That’s the plan.

…and now to drop into Photoshop to test some different perspective fades…

Written by marycoreymarch

January 11, 2012 at 9:30 am

Posted in art, painting, pieta, process

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