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roughing out the Pieta continued…

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I only had a small window today for the studio, but I am quickly learning not to disdain the small windows of time.  Before I had a child I wouldn’t, for example sit down to a sewing project without at least a 2-hour window.  When she was a newborn I learned to grab 2-minute windows to sew a seam or two.

Today I painted windows (and a building wall) in my small time window- half my previous “smallest painting-time” of 3 hours.  It was productive and I like the look of it so far. The whole piece will be many-layered, and the figures are in a complete under-painting still (so for non- painters, no, they will not be blue!  With a day between me and a hectic yesterday, I’m loving the rough strokes showing the under-painting.

It is an old teaching trick to give students a brush that is bigger than they are  comfortable with to get their mark going (a trick I have used on students often).  I use it on myself yesterday, but I took it up another notch after that and loved the result.  Weirdly, I found that the spacing between the windows I sketched out before was the exact width of that brush.  Interesting. I’m really enjoying this painting now.

Written by Mary Corey March

January 6, 2012 at 8:45 am

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