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Pieta underpainting continues…

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I’m definitely painting faster these days.  I love to challenge myself so much that I forgot how much easier it is when I’m doing something I actually have done before and already know how to do!  If I’m not creating a whole new process, paintings just fly these days. 

Today I had 4 hours in the studio and I completely re-worked the position of the faces and the under-painting for the skin.  I even roughed out some drapery changes.  The halo is a nifty side effect of changing the hair, but will only stay in the faintest suggestion.  The hair itself is minimally blocked out with room to expand.

I think the next thing for this piece is making sure my plan for the space under and to the left of the figures has enough weight to it to balance the right.  More work for Photoshop mock-ups!  So far I’m pretty pleased now that the figures are better placed.

*for more on this painting look under the “Pieta” category”

Last week I had an even shorter block of time in the studio and managed to finish a piece that has been languishing unfinished in my studio for far too long.  It was just time.  I had painted it in my mind ever time I came in, and suddenly I just had to finish it.  It just flowed.  Such a rush to get it out into the world!

There are a number of studies (most famously the basketball one) that show the results of doing a thing after spending a long time thinking through how to do it rather than actually doing it over and over actually gives better results.  I think this is the other half of why my painting is going faster.   I may not have studio time, but I think through all my work a great deal whenever I can, so that when I do get to the studio there is very little searching going on.

The newly finished piece below one shows some of the connection between my fiber pieces, the skin paintings and my sculpted canvases.  To the outside observer without a map, my work may seems less cohesive, but there are very strong lines running through all of it that exist for me.  I think that as I have more time to work the blank spaces connecting all the work in my mind will fill more visibly.  Things that seem unrelated will have more obvious connecting points.

Written by Mary Corey March

December 9, 2011 at 10:49 am

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