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Preparing a new Identity Tapestry

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I’m nearly finished with dyeing the wool for this next iteration of Identity Tapestry.  No two colors can be the same.  I love dyeing.  It’s almost like painting- layering colors over one another, mixing for just the right shade.  At the same time it has an element of surprise- when you dye over an existing color you can never be positive exactly what you are going to get on the first go.  The original dyer’s materials and process will often affect the over-dye in surprising ways.  I love the results of over-dying.  You get a depth of color you can’t otherwise get, and subtle variations in the material.

I’m using a new material for the post-sheaths- more labor-intensive, but more slippery too, so they should work better.

I’m considering a more organic alternative to the shelf as well- the new post material lends itself to sculpture.

The hard part, of course is the content I’ve been over the statements many times thinking of different ways to approach them in a smaller space.  The size of each statement is right, I won’t change it.  The trick is doing a version that has less statements that will still have the impact of the original version.  It will be less of a journey, no doubt simply because with less statements you take less time, move less, talk less with people next to you, etc.  What I am working with is balancing a level of accessibility that will invite people into the piece without being threatening with a level of punch and depth.  It’s a dificult challenge.  I want to see how this works.

One nice result is that the finished piece will be easily mountable on the wall, much like a large painting and it will be able to come down complete as well (without a lorry).  I’m curious to see how people move and interact with this version.  I’m so glad I’ll be able to attend the opening.


Written by marycoreymarch

September 15, 2011 at 1:49 am

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