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The Blank Wall

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To me it is nothing like the blank page.  I’ve dipped my toe into fiction writing and I would say I’m a good beginner.   Enough to know the occasional misery of the blank page.

The blank wall has the complete opposite affect on me.  Empty spaces and blank walls are screens for my mind’s eye to project on.  I can stand still and stare at a wall and see pieces form and change- edit them, rebuild them… it’s wonderful.  Empty spaces allow me to pace them and feel the sense of how people would interact with an object- what level will their eye be?  Will they stoop, look up?  What will they see around and behind the object and how will that effect the piece?  What pieces demand to be built for a space?  Spaces inspire me intensely.

It doesn’t have to be blank.  If I hear “you get to build a piece here” my mind comes alive.  What will fit that space?

I’m starting to crave a larger studio now that I’m thinking larger.  Right now I’m laying out an installation in pieces and trying to artificially pace out the work.  I have an imagination- I can do it… but to be able to put it up in an empty space… well.

Also I have never been able to work as well creatively in a low ceilings environment, interestingly born out by this article on psychological effects of architecture and design.  The studio I chose is not one of the “better” ones with an enclosed space, but it is wonderfully open.  I have two walls in a large airy room with a high ceiling.  There is a lot of visual distraction, but I prefer that to the feeling of a cramped room, and I like the occasional interaction of other studio-mates, who thankfully also respect working privacy.

Until I have my own warehouse space or barn with a generous helping of blank walls, it will have to do.

Written by Mary Corey March

August 22, 2011 at 11:15 am

Posted in art, personal, process

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