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Pieta begun

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I’m doing a mix of more classical painting (mostly Renaissance inspired) with a contemporary setting for the this contemporary Pieta.  The figures will be in an alleyway, the Mother holding a homeless person to her, cardboard, trash and other alley trappings in the background and cardboard bedding in the foreground.. I’m using oil on aluminum panel to further underscore the mix of contemporary and classical, and for the smoothness durability and similar edge to cardboard that the panel has.  I just started the under-painting today.

The title will be “Everyone was once somebody’s Baby”.  It came to me when my daughter was 6 months old.  Every time I passed a homeless person I had to wonder when that person had been a small precious child to someone.  Had they been precious?  They should have been.  Where were their loved ones now?

Up until now I’d been prepping the panel, sorting the composition and continuing to work on the skin painting (behind).  It will get it’s share of added objects (and obviously needs some balancing, but it feels good to start.  In the meantime I can try out variations for the rest of the background in Photoshop over this picture as it is.  I love Photoshop as a planning tool.  I can get a feel for how something will look before I actually build or paint it.

It was good to get to the studio regularly in the past two weeks.  I had thought of moving to a closed space, but I like being able to step back much farther than a small room allows and I feel better in an open space.  I move better and think better.  If I had a closed studio to myself it would have to be much bigger than my current budget could possibly justify.  I envy an artist friend who has a converted barn in the mountains for sculpting and painting.  On the other hand, if I lived where she did I know I would become a landscape painter and that’s just not where I want to go.

Written by Mary Corey March

July 22, 2011 at 8:40 am

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