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Material Madness

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Looking at the whole thing, I am impressed by the amount of research, gathering and variety of materials this sculpture is taking.  As one organizer I worked withfor an installation once asked me:  do you like torturing yourself?


– cast glass (involving wax sculpture, plaster cast, glass casting and glass coldworking)

-acrylic tube

-plaster strips

-duct tape

-fiberglass and epoxy resin

-expanding foam


-encaustic wax medium

-oil paint with cold-wax medium

-fabric (sewn)

-vintage gloves


-First Surface mirror

-laser projector

yet to use:

*poly resin and microspheres

*alginate casting material

* acrylic medium (spray)




I do like a challenge.  I’m also enjoying getting to use so many different skills together in one piece.  It wasn’t the point of the piece, but it was the only way to do the piece properly.  It sometimes seems that I’m specnding more time running around getting odd materials and figuring out how to build it as actually creating it, but it’s nearly there…


Written by marycoreymarch

October 15, 2010 at 4:33 am

Posted in art, materials, process

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