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So after deciding to take a break from thinking about technical things for the figure sculpture I was suddenly able to get in the right head-space to solve it.  Taking a step back is often the best way to get the best view.

The problems were these:

-having a secure nest for the projector that kept it at the proper distance from the mirror inside the head.

-being able to detach the head for transport, but have it lock very securely onto the body.

-having a place for the cords

-having ventilation for the projector.

It may still need a fan for the heat from the projector, but maybe not.  I will have to do a test run.  But if I finish the top of the head with a detachable dome of plaster strips (lightweight but not airtight) there should be some ventilation between the hole from the cord and the holes at the top.  By attaching the glass with epoxy or similar to the tube I’ll have a secure unit that I can detach that will keep the projector in place relative to the head.  I have some special plastic clay for creating a cradle for the projector.  This way I can take the projector out, but anyone can put it in the correct place by putting it in it’s cradle.  I can keep a plug inserted through the hole in the body and just plug the projector in at the top of the hole in the tube (no fiddling with pushing things through holes!).

The idea is to make the sculpture shippable in parts that are easy to assemble without mishap.  At this rate it will be putting the clothing on the form that is the hard part!

This has been a challenging piece in terms of the technical aspects, but I’m nearing the finish line and it feels good.

Written by marycoreymarch

July 12, 2010 at 6:01 am

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