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Projection Test

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I was just testing out the projection for the inside of the face.  It looks like it will work really well but I need to use a laser projector instead of a regular one because there are too many focal depths involved (the eye is farther away than the edge of the mask and a regular projector needs to focus on one or the other, while a laser is in focus for all distances).  With the laser projector the images should come through the glass out hazy and slightly distorted, but not blobby, which will be perfect.   If I had somehow made everything so the images came out perfectly crisp I would have to distort the original images to create the visual effect I want.

In this photo you can see that the projection is larger than the mask and the wrong shape.  It looks like I can make the shape I need on the inside of the head with a paper cut-out so that on the outside the projection stops cleanly at the edge of the mask.

The distance looks like it will work for having the projector inside the body, and the body is small enough to hold it, and I think I’ve worked out the structure that will hold it.

Now that I’ve seen how the projection looks I have a better idea about adjusting the surface of the head and also of how I will do the images I project.  So far so good!


Written by marycoreymarch

July 12, 2010 at 4:30 am

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