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I’ve got the top fabric piece basically done (minus button holes still).  Seeing it on the form caused me to want to shave the form down still further (which I’ve since done in a cloud of floating foam-bits) and to pad it out with fabric.  I don’t think the bodice will sit right on the form without some softness and give.

I want the viewer to have the eerie feeling that the figure is actually a person, and the lack of softness one usually sees in a mannequin is a subliminal give-away.

Shaving it down more also gives me a little extra space for the fiberglass/epoxy shell.  I think it will be necessary to keep the lightness (for transport) and the proper ventilation for the projector that will be inside of it.  The idea is I remove all the foam and make a shell I can  open and close on a hinge to access the projector.

Tomorrow I look for arms.  I may be very lucky and find hands that work, but I suspect I’ll be making those.  Hands are so expressive they just have to be right.   Then comes the joy of attaching everything so it can be easily detached and shipped and set up again. Also of making the head in such a way that one can open and close it as well to access and clean the mirror.   I’ve found some fun new sculpt-able plastic that may help me there.

At the moment this project feels more like engineering than art, but one must be versatile.  I’ll be feeling the art again when I get back into the projections.  At least my engineer/programmer/mad scientist husband appreciates it- which is nice because I’m about to ask for his compressed air to clean the sand from the bubbles in the glass.

In the meantime I’m still thinking about that Pieta piece in the back of my mind.  I realized yesterday that I’ll have to go to some soup kitchens and shelters to get any farther with it.  The homeless figure in the mother’s arms is the part that is causing me trouble.   Seeing people on the street isn’t enough (even ones I’m friendly with).  I need to see a lot of homeless people all together and talk with them.   The face is the hard part… or whether it becomes multiple faces/bodies and if so how.  The rest of the composition, even the face of the Mother is utterly clear in my mind, almost as if it were already painted… but the figure in her arms…  it’s not clear. Still, at least I have plenty to work on in the meantime.


Written by marycoreymarch

June 7, 2010 at 12:06 am

Posted in work in progress

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