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Body impact

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For a good week and a half I was taken out of commission by my recurring back injury.  It’s funny how easy it is not to notice pain when one is obsorbed in one’s work.  And then you go to stand up after hours of carving and sewing and find that you can’t.

A reminder to take better care of one’s body.

On the bright side I got to catch up on things I could do lying down, like proposals for outdoor installations.  However they go, the process of a proposal always gives me a good idea for new pieces which I can invariably tweak and use in different circumstances.  Deadlines and specific projects for specific places are always excellent creative fuel for me.

And for the current sculpture:  I was able to do some finishing work on the glass head.  It needs another round of polishing, but it’s pretty much done, as is the fabric top.  Now to finish the mannequin and the projection material.


Written by marycoreymarch

May 29, 2010 at 12:43 am

Posted in personal, process

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