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There are so many occasions where art skills, hobbies obsessions, craftiness come into everyday life in a non Art capital A-Art way.  And I like them there.  I find that filling my life with rich imagery and creating beautiful and interesting things, attending events rich with costumes, and creative ambiance is something that feeds my art as well as being entertaining.

In general I believe that that which enriches one’s life enriches what one creates.

At the same time, when time is at a premium (and when is it not?) I have to distinguish and maintain a balance.  This year (with the addition of a toddler) I didn’t throw a Ukranian egg-dying party and we stuck to a short spree of drug-store solid colors.  Something has to give.

The hobbies can’t take over all my Art time.  …but I know they feed it.  Eventually a hobby blossoms and becomes part of my artistic vocabulary (as sewing recently has).  Experiences bring something back that must be used for Art.  The sense of fun and flexibility that so many people have in less serious/studious art circles is something I need constant reminding of.  So a balance of play keeps the art from being work, and keeps it vital.

So since it’s the season for thinking about rejuvenation, I will think about that- taking some time with the recreational arsty things that keep things colorful.

Written by Mary Corey March

April 5, 2010 at 4:21 am

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