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I have hit a huge backlog of unproduced ideas.   Finding inspiration is never my difficulty.  Instead it is the time, space and materials to produce my ideas.  The last few months have been packed to the gills, but I can see a stretch of time to work ahead of me.  And I have plenty to work on.

I have a flegling collaborative project that is just begining to unfold.  I invited 4 artists from four different countries and one anthropologist friend to create work inspired by one another’s icons and ideas, and to potentially create a group installation in the spring.   Two of the artists (Annysa Ng and Simone Stoll) were part of my international online collaborative project “Exquisite Corps“.  Lina I met during her solo exhibition at the Opalka gallery in Albany, NY and Sophie is a friend of Simone’s. It is an exciting group and I’m looking forward to the interaction and the work that comes out of it.  The group blog (just starting) is at

This at least is moving.  At the top of the to-do list after that is a contemporary pieta and a collaborative project with a photographer friend- an installation using projection and large photo negatives showing an interweaving of lives.  I’ve been pecking at the technical construction aspects, lining up subjects, etc.  while he works out the photographic sides of things- types of camera and film, shooting scenarios, etc.  I suspect we’ll both work on the framing, photo selection and the lighting rig.

I’m coming to realize both what a challenge an how terribly interesting (as many challenges are) it is to work with other people on projects.  There is a different sort of challenge, a different sort of process and the exchange of ideas creates a very different creation enviorment.  That said, if I’m doing an interactive piece, I find that discussing and shaping the project with many people strengthens it as an interactive piece.

The pieta is entirely different.  That just sprang out of my head nearly fully formed, like Pallas Athena.  I will enjoy the execution and layering of that in an entirely different way.

On the verge of my thought are images of silk, dyed, hanging, light shining through it.  Sewing, shaping…  I got some silk for my bedroom windows that looks irredesant violet in direc tlight, but because it is interwoven pale blue/blood red when it is backlit it looks like one is looking through layers of back-lit skin.  Because I haven’t gotten as far as making actual curtains(new house) instead of being backed, it’s two layers of silk just hanging.  They press against each other in places, making a deeper reddish tone.  It always makes me think of looking out at light from inside skin.  Is this what my daughter saw a little over a year ago through my skin?

Images like this stay with me and hammer on my brain, demanding to be used.  Suggetions of pieces flit in and out of sight.

So much to work on.


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December 23, 2009 at 5:16 am

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