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Taking form- Scales

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Net Drawing

Net (drawing for back of prompt cards)

The scales project is now nearly fully formed.  I love seeing my little stick-figure sketches turning into the actual piece.  Yes, I have drawing skills, but no I rarely seem to put them to use when constructing installations.  They are placeholders, little outlines that get labels like “dowel painted glossy black here” or “net- use hammock cord???

Also to sort out the scale of people and how they might relate to the piece or move around it.  I keep things deliberately vague when I sketch these.  It helps me muck with the shape and placement without getting attached to any detail at first. The details come as I work through the piece and as I actually hold the materials in my hands and use them.  It keeps the piece alive for me.  I like to plan and have a good idea of how things will go, but when I know exactly what the piece will look like at the end it tends to ruin the process for me.

So here I am looking at the last bits coming together, still fresh and exciting after months of working on it.  When the participants work with it it will transform yet again.  I’m excited to see it in action!  Just two more days!


Written by marycoreymarch

October 15, 2009 at 10:50 pm

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