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wire cont.

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(stream of consciousness)

I  came up with a form, wire gauge and hook gauge that I like for the votive piece.   They have been constantly on-hand, in the purse, in the diaper bag, slowly accruing.  Many more to make- I want as many as ninety.   Can already feel it in the wrist, must be careful.

Thought more of the social groupings.  Fascinated by social networks.  Like the intersection between the antiquated copper and crochet with more current social networking visualizations.  The networks have always been there though.

Trying to think of a formula that will generate patterns with meaning that will show relationships between people in the crochet.  Could even possibly wire into a computer.  Unsure about that road.   Considerations.  Labels?  Lights?  Tiny LEDs could show each person.  Could wire them into the system, run current through it.

Imagining people touching the artwork… hmmm.  Would be a very minor shock.  The thought of curators training people not to touch art by electroshock comes to mind.  Perhaps they are sometimes tempted.

The yarn things are really made to touch.  This would not be.  What does that say and do I want to say it?   Most art is not touched.  Could there be a place for them to touch?  Buttons corresponding to people?

Thoughts ramble on.  This one needs to percolate for a while in the background.

I usually get a race of ideas.  Then they have to sit and gently drift into place.  A nudge here, an addition there, but never forced.


Written by marycoreymarch

May 26, 2009 at 10:11 pm

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