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crocheted copper wire

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doodling in wire- flattened basket

doodling in wire

stream of consciousness…

testing out various gauges (both hooks and wire) for an installation project that needs crocheted wire.

Thinking about why crochet? Visually makes the wire sparkle- the mesh makes lots of angles to catch light.  Knitting, weaving crochet.  Crochet is traditionally more decorative (lace, etc).  Just as functional as knitting but thought of for lace and “granny square” quilts.   Singular activity with single implement.  Weaving was often a group effort.  Knitting calls to mind knitting circles.  Crochet makes me picture a person alone, but is also done in circles of friends and family.  Also associations with upper class- probably the lace aspect., though when it was very common (100 years back? ) every class did it.  Poor pioneer daughters crocheting lace for petticoats over the winter.  Cheaper and aster alternative to other  .

Less international then weaving certainly. Less keen on that aspect.  In present form probably started in France around 1800, spread around Europe and US.  Earlier embroidery forms may have been from China.

Copper wire: used for communication. Currently valuable.  Reflects light warmly.  More enduring in the elements than iron wire. Infrastructure.

both- antiquated, but still in use.

a web connecting circular webs like family networks.  Communication.  Mostly women.  Women who create and maintain social circles.  Increasingly social circles online.  Satellite, high-speed cable.  Less in person, more on screen.  The copper is personal, handmade, tactile.

I think there is another piece or two in this method besides the votive one.  Will start creating the webs for votive and see what other ideas come.


Written by marycoreymarch

May 22, 2009 at 5:06 am

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